Humanitas AI Center is a growing team of data scientists, doctors, digital experts and managers working together, shaping the future of care and Research.

AI Center is a full committed service for the hospital, an innovative tool inside our Research Center, built to improve diagnostic process and to give decision-making support for doctors, reduce the costs in terms of time and money for the management and improve the overall quality of patient’s journey.

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The AI Center is strategically positioned within Humanitas complex in Rozzano, between the highly specialized polyclinic, the Research Center and the green and hi-tech University Campus: this innovative model combines clinics, research and teaching programs.

More than 2.250 experts including doctors, scientific researchers and staff work here. The aim is to create an innovative network that connect doctors and healthcare professionals with a team of AI engineers.

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Humanitas unique environment grants us the access to an outstanding data bank and allow us to run data analysis with a multidisciplinary approach, sharing assets and knowledge with physicians, managers and scientists. In this way, the results of our work can be applied quickly to clinical practice with a tangible impact on patient care for a safer hospital.

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Our core is the interdisciplinary expertise in clinical medical imaging, bioengineering, statistic and computer science in order to support the development, evaluation and dissemination of new and transformative AI methods to advance patient health. 

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Humanitas Research Hospital – Via Manzoni 56, Rozzano (Milano), Italia – P. IVA 10125410158 Autorizzazioni: Decreto Presidente Regione Lombardia n°1906 del 18.04.1996 Direttore Sanitario: dott. Michele Lagioia.